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Highly bespoke recruitment platform for hospitality domain

Category:  E-commerce

Services Provided: Custom Software Development, UI/UX Design

Client's Requirement

An ambitious professional using our job portal, was frustrated with the lack of information about potential employers. She wanted to know more about companies’ cultures and values before applying. This feedback was echoed by many job seekers, revealing a significant gap in the platform’s offerings.


increase in online sales


reduction in page load time


Increase in user feedback submissions


Data Aggregation

Accessing reliable data sources:** We used APIs and web scraping techniques to collect data from reputable sources like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and company websites.

Ensuring accuracy and relevance:** Implemented data validation processes to verify the authenticity of company profiles and employee feedback.

User Engagement

Incentivizing feedback:** Offered rewards such as premium access and gift cards for insightful reviews, leading to a 20% increase in user feedback submissions.

Convenient feedback mechanisms:** Optimized the user interface to streamline the feedback submission process.

Maintaining Neutrality

Validating user-generated content:** Deployed machine learning algorithms to detect and flag biased or fake reviews, ensuring authentic feedback.

Preventing bias:** Developed guidelines with diversity and inclusion experts to evaluate company cultures objectively, reducing biased reviews by 25%.

Features Developed

Comprehensive Company Profiles

Detailed company history, mission, and values.

Organizational structure and employee testimonials.

Employee Reviews and Ratings

Anonymous reviews covering various aspects of company culture.

Ratings on work-life balance, career growth, and inclusivity.

Interactive Q&A Section

Platform for direct questions to company representatives.

Real-time responses to inquiries.

Culture Fit Assessment Tools.

Assessments to match job seekers with compatible companies.

Personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

Community Forums

Space for users to discuss experiences and seek advice.

Moderated discussions to ensure constructive engagement.

Company Events and Initiatives

Calendar of upcoming events and workshops.

Opportunities for interaction with company representatives

Diversity and Inclusion Metrics:

Transparent reporting of diversity statistics.

Highlights of efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

AI-Powered Insights

Data-driven insights and trends analysis.

Predictive analytics for job seeker preferences.

Verified User Badges

Recognition for valuable feedback and contributions.

Enhanced trust and credibility within the community.

Continuous Improvement Mechanism

Regular feedback surveys for platform enhancements.

Agile development approach for iterative improvements.


Our approach significantly improved the job-seeking experience. Comprehensive company profiles and user-generated feedback mechanisms increased trust and transparency. Job seekers  were better equipped to make informed decisions, while companies showcased their unique identities and values. This transformation resulted in increased user satisfaction, with job seekers reporting a 25% increase in satisfaction and a 40% increase in engagement with company events. Overall, the platform became a more transparent and trustworthy environment, benefiting both job seekers and employers.

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