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Revolutionizing the Fishery Market with MANJHA

Category: E-commerce


  • Mobile Optimization.
  • Dynamic Pricing Algorithm Development.
  • Educational Content Creation.

Client's Requirement

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I found myself at a crossroads. As an entrepreneur passionate about pisciculture, I dreamt of creating a platform that could bring together fishery enthusiasts and suppliers from all corners of the nation. This dream gave birth to MANJHA, an e-commerce marketplace for fish and related products. With three years of dedication, innovation, and perseverance, MANJHA has evolved into much more than just a platform; it's a community-driven revolution.


increase in mobile traffic


increase in user engagement

Challenges Faced:

Connectivity Barrier:

Ensuring a seamless user experience on mobile devices, even on 2G networks.

Solution: Optimized platform layout and resources for efficient data usage; implemented caching mechanisms to enhance loading speeds and reduce data consumption

Educational Outreach

Educating users about pisciculture practices and the benefits of consuming fish.

Solution: Created engaging video content and blog posts; collaborated with experts and influencers to disseminate informative content.

Dynamic Pricing Structure

Managing a diverse catalog with variable pricing structures.

Solution: Implemented dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust prices based on market demand, seasonality, and supply chain dynamics; provided transparent pricing information.

Key Features Developed

Comprehensive Catalogue

Diverse range of fish species, seafood, and fishery-related products; regular updates with new arrivals and seasonal offerings.

Mobile Optimization

Achieved a 40% increase in mobile traffic by optimizing for 2G networks; ensured seamless browsing and transactions on various mobile devices.

Educational Content

Generated a 60% increase in user engagement through videos and blog posts; collaborated with renowned pisciculture experts.

Third-Party Shipping Integration:

Seamless integration with major courier services.

Personalized Order Fulfillment:

Utilize the USP algorithm to optimize shipping from the nearest vendor warehouses.

Variable Pricing Structure

Adapted prices dynamically, resulting in a 25% increase in sales revenue; ensured fair and competitive pricing.

Community Engagement

Built a vibrant community of fishery enthusiasts through forums and social media; encouraged user-generated content and discussions.

Efficient Logistics

Partnered with reliable logistics providers for timely and safe delivery; implemented tracking systems for real-time updates.

Customer Support

Offered multichannel support including live chat and helpline services; resolved queries promptly to enhance satisfaction.

Data Analytics

Leveraged data analytics to gain insights into user behavior; optimized marketing strategies and product offerings.

Sustainable Practices

Promoted sustainable fishing practices and eco-friendly packaging; collaborated with eco-conscious suppliers.

Continuous Improvement

Solicited feedback to identify areas for improvement; iteratively enhanced platform features and functionalities.


  • MANJHA established itself as a leading e-commerce platform in the fishery market, contributing to the empowerment of fishery communities nationwide.
  • With a thriving ecosystem of buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts, MANJHA continues to redefine the landscape of the fishery industry, one successful transaction at a time.

Technology Stack Utilized

Mobile optimization tools.

Dynamic pricing algorithms

Content management systems.

Data analytics platforms

Resources Required

UX/UI designers.

Web developers.

Content creators.

Data analysts

Customer support specialists

Logistics partners


Highlight the successful transformation of MANJHA into a leading e-commerce platform, achieving a 50% increase in user base and a 35% boost in sales revenue.

Emphasize the positive impact on community engagement, user satisfaction, and sales revenue with a 70% increase in active community members and an 87% user satisfaction rate.

Discuss the ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable practices in the fishery industry, evidenced by a 25% increase in sustainable product offerings and a 40% reduction in environmental impact.

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